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《i-D》大写的字母D强调杂志对设计的关注,而小写字母i则暗示杂志“我行我素”的风格。创办人特里·琼斯希望这份杂志能够在主流之外为时尚界和关注时尚的人带来更开阔的视野和更多的声音。 就在今天他们通过半年多的调查,公布了全球消费者评分最高的护肤品前十名。

NO. 1 green spring refreshing combination

Biotherm as European fashion brands has been advocating “simple luxury” the life concept, is the urban women’s favorite products, the new living spring biotherm skin combination is also nobility like super star products, it has “filling water – water – water lock” triple effect, can bring high efficiency can lasting moisture, are women dream products.

NO.1 碧欧泉新活泉爽肤组合


No. 2 xuan to snail mask

Many global snail mask basically is synthetic, skin with more and more bad, the snail which is refined and can completely improve skin quality, improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, repair damaged skin, etc. Xuan to mask henan has its own snail breeding base in China, South Korea’s thought and maybelline are imported their snail concentrate, so now the mission to in Europe and the United States and South Korea have replaced the snail status.

No.2 宣致蜗牛面膜


NO. 3 Lancome powder with water

If you don’t use it regularly, you will have a tingling sensation, and the continuous use of the sting will disappear. Finished face is soft, is a more basic toner, nourish and soften skin, rich in plant protein, grain and yeast extract, can strengthen protect wet and nourish skin, make skin more soft and comfortable.

NO.3 Lancome粉水


NO. 4 lancome essence (small black bottle)

Each big women online the most striking is the famous brand lancome, his this kind of little black bottle essence muscle base solution is a bull market the most prosperous, it is the world’s first “maintain” and “essence of muscle bottom liquid” product, lead the global new trend beautiful skin! Only by sticking to the “gene maintenance” skin, the base of the skin will become better and the follow-up maintenance products will be more effective.

NO.4 兰蔻精华肌底液(小黑瓶)


NO. 5 sisley all-around emulsion

Famous for emulsion, fully satisfy all sorts of nutrition required for skin, balance and restore the skin moist, firm, anti-aging, anti-pollution, defense, compressive comprehensive functions, such as the skin full, luster, elasticity, for sisley classic, suitable for various skin types.

NO.5 sisley全能乳液


NO. 6 clinique butter

Clinique Clinique has always been a professional, authoritative, high-tech and fashion leader. Well-known clinique family really liked the butter, formula and the skin natural moisturizing ingredients, natural water and oil balance, effectively prevent skin moisture loss and allergic phenomenon, make skin instantly become good at import nutrient wet sponge. Anyone who has ever used it will clap your hands, moisturizing and refreshing, and tell you what the classic is.

NO.6 倩碧(润肤露)黄油


No. 7 cogan’s marigold plant essence toner

Kiehl’s insist on using the best ingredients for facial, body and hair care products to meet the customer’s expectations of Kiehl’s products for a hundred years. The moderate and non-alcoholic toner plant extract, can effectively balance the normal to oily skin. Completely marigold flower extract essence, have to tighten the skin effect, can improve skin allergic phenomenon, or help improve acne scar healing plastic bottle — — — — — go blain to imprint, shrink pores.

NO.7 科颜氏(契尔氏)金盏花植物精华爽肤水

Kiehl’s坚持采用最好的成分来调配适合脸部,身体肌肤以及头发的保养品,以满足百年来顾客对Kiehl’s产品的期待。这款温和而不含酒精的植物萃取精华的化妆水,可有效均衡中性至油性的皮肤.完全萃取金盏花卉精华,有收紧皮肤的效果,也能改善皮肤过敏现象,或有助改善暗疮疤痕的愈合塑料瓶 —–去痘印,收缩毛孔。

NO. 8 Avene elegant spray

A spray of daily necessity! The mixture is unlimited and it can calm and soothe the skin. The natural spring water is pure and sterile, the water droplets of spray * are very detailed and foggy, and can not see the shape of the water bead in the air, and the skin is very soothing and relaxing. On the back of the hand is sprayed three times, colorless and tasteless, natural spring water, sterile canned, spray on the skin surface can form a soothing, breathable protective membrane! The most important thing is to be gentle.

NO.8 Avene 雅漾喷雾

日常必不可少的一款喷雾!混合皮无限回购,可镇定、舒缓皮肤。天然泉水纯净无菌, 喷雾**来的水珠分子很细致,雾状的,在空气中都看不清水珠的形状,喷后肌肤得到非常舒缓放松。在手背上喷了三下,无色无味,天然的泉水,无菌的罐装,喷在皮肤表面可以形成舒缓、可透气的保护膜!最重要的就是很温和。

No.9 Whoo

Provide adequate nutrition for the skin, purify the skin, make the skin restore balance, smooth and moist, more clean and elastic. Soft and delicate texture, moistening not greasy. Luxurious design is the preferred gift for elders or friends.

No.9 Whoo后 共辰享


No.10 HERA (HERA) air cushion bb cream

Sun protection index: SPF50 + pa + + +, function: whitening sunscreen, isolating uv, brighten skin tone and hide pores. It looks new and portable. The air cushion BB cream is lighter but the concealer is very good, the use effect is natural.

No.10 HERA(赫拉)气垫bb霜

防晒指数:SPF50+ PA+++,功效:美白防晒,隔离紫外线,提亮肤色,隐藏毛孔。赫然BB霜看起来新颖,方便携带。气垫BB霜比较轻薄但遮瑕效果却非常好,使用效果自然。




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